The term “eco-tourism” is used in the tourist industry for more than 30 years. It describes travels to places, untouched by human civilization, ecologically clean places in nature, where ecological balance in nature is maintained.

Eco-tourism, or the so-called “green tourism” develops a friendly attitude towards the natural environment where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are the main attractions for visitors.

Forest park “Lipnik” enchants and attracts tourists with its beauty, unique forest massif and fascinating landscapes. It makes you discover routes that offer fantastic nature experiences.


Together with the unique flora and fauna, the surroundings of Teketo (forest park “Lipnik”) offer opportunities for sports tourism – a rapidly developing type of tourism that unites and creates new partnerships.

The word “sport” comes from the old French word “desport”, which literally means “free time”. For many people practicing their favorite sport is a hobby and a way to spend well their free time.

The lake of the recreational forest offers wonderful conditions to practice both water and fishing sports.


Walking and cycling tourism are among the most practiced and healthy types of tourism. Cycling tourism not only gives a feeling for speed, but also opportunities for interesting excursions and beneficial relaxation among nature.

Several walking alleys are available to you in recreational forest Lipnik, providing an opportunity to ride a bicycle. Each of them leads to a different type of attractions – one will lead you to a small zoo, another to the playground, equipped with play facilities, and the third one to legendary spring with healing potable water.

All alleys in the park offer routes for cycling tourism or roller skating, as well as for nice walks. There is a project for construction of a bicycle alley from the center of the town of Ruse to the Tekke.


Tourist’s need to broaden their cultural horizons lies at the fundamentals of cultural tourism. This type of tourism aims to familiarize the tourist with the cultural values. This way the tourists learn naturally, visiting and looking at the sights.

The proximity of villa Teketo to the town of Ruse allows acquaintance with different historical, architectural or cultural periods through visiting architectural monuments, museums, historical routes. Also visiting different cultural or artistic events: musical, movie or theater, concerts, opera, exhibitions.

The town of Ruse has an important place in Bulgarian history and culture. The unique architectural appearance of the town has the marks of European styles of the 19th and 20th century. The proximity of the Danube river gives the city a peculiar charm and romantics.

Some of the recommended cultural sites to visit in the town of Ruse are:

  • Regional Historical Museum (distance from the villa – 13 km);
  • The Ethnographic Museums, or as it is also called “The House of Calliope’;
  • The Museum House “Zahari Stoyanov”;
  • The Museum House “Baba Tonka”.

The town is also the host of cultural events, such as “Music Days in March”, “Ruse Carnival”, “Autumn Days of Art and Science”, etc. The tourist exhibition “Weekend Tourism” is conducted every year in the town of Ruse. Within the exhibition, part of its program is also the “Festival of Tourist Entertainment and Animations”.


The religious tourism is part of the contemporary tourism industry. Churches, cathedrals, mosques and religious museums – these are tourist sights, enjoying more and more visitors.

In the area of “Teketo" is Basarbovo monastery “St. Dimitar Basarbovski" – at a distance of 21 km from the villa. It is the only opened monastery among the rocks in Bulgaria. The monastery was established during the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (XII-XIV century).

For nearly eight centuries there is a stone stair, leading to the church among the rocks, full of people who same from far and near, to light a candle and pray to God. The temple holiday of the monastery is 26 October, the day of St. Dimitar.


The Danube river remains an important factor for the development not only of the town of Ruse, but also for the entire country even today. The river valley provides great opportunities for breathtaking romantic sunsets, unforgettable moments and soul-filling sights, as well as for cruise (river) tourism.

With the “Ruschuk" Ship – one of the biggest attractions for tourists in the region, you can enjoy exploring cruises and walks along the Danube (distance from the villa – 14 km). If interested and need more information, please contact the hosts.